Welcome to Fresh Rubber – by motorsport fans, for motorsport fans.

If you’re a motorsport fan.. who likes to talk about it with friends new, old and not yet made; if you get heated about it and have no vent; you want to feel it, see it and even touch it, then Fresh Rubber is something we’re building for you.

Because we are you.

Some of the Fresh Rubber team.
Three Englishmen, a Welshman, a Scot and an Aussie walked into a.. Donington Park? Just some of the the people behind Fresh Rubber.

See, Fresh Rubber is being designed by former members of GlobalF1.net, a community of F1 fans that existed between 2000-13, and a place where  international friendships were made through a combination of jokes, (mostly) intelligent and (mostly) friendly debate, and of course a shared devotion to racing.

When GF1 died, a few of us (three Englishmen, a Scot, a Welshman and a bloody Aussie) got together at Donington Park, where it was decided that e wanted to do something bigger, something more suitable to the modern technological age, but still with the same high octane, manual shifting love of racing at its rawest (say that after a crate of ale).

So, in that hallowed place – where Ayrton Senna did THIS, and where Manfred von Brauchitsch did THISFresh Rubber was born.

With FR, we’re going to build the ultimate portal through which people like us, people like you, can access racing.

There will be news, opinion and comedy led by an experienced, first class editorial team; we won’t be shy in tackling what we see as the big issues across the sport and its governance,  just as we won’t be shy in championing your cause as fans of the sport or in celebrating the beauty and energy of what goes on on track.

We’ll have fun, with tailor made games, quizzes, humorous content and chances to win great prizes; and for the anoraks there will be a wealth of facts, figures and resources in our bible of motorsport.

Most of all though, we’ll be building a true global community of racing fans, real people, inclusive of YOU, interacting through our tailor made portal. And we won’t manipulate your data either.

You’ll come together, debate, argue, and maybe even make genuine friendships and attend races and motorsport events together.

Coming 2015, Fresh Rubber will be the only pit stop you'll need to make in your race for the best motor sport news, views, games, facts, stats and debate on the web and beyond.